We are delighted to introduce James Adams as the new Chief Winemaker at Turkey Flat Vineyards.

As a sixth generation Barossan, born into a winemaking family dating back to 1919, a career in the wine industry was enviable for James. From spending time in the family winery as a child, through to completing his Oenology degree in 2009, wine has always been a huge part of his life.

James has dedicated nearly two decades of winemaking service to the Barossa Valley, mastering his craft working for renowned producers such as Kalleske, Hewitson and Schild Estate. Although he has travelled across the famed wine regions of Europe, it’s the history, camaraderie and quality wines of the Valley that will keep him forever passionate about this unique region.

For James, the experience of wine encapsulates more than just what’s in the glass. It has the ability to evoke and create memories, generate conversation and bring people closer together. James’ philosophy in winemaking resonates with the Turkey Flat history and custodianship. The wine is a product of the vineyards, the land and soil.

As Chief Winemaker, James produces wines that are artisan made and tell a story – his two daughters know why he has “purple hands”. He is proud to lead a talented team in producing high quality Estate grown wines that reflect true varietal and vineyard expression.

Very best of luck to James in his new role and we look forward to working more closely with him.