We are pleased to announce the release of Taylor’s Very Very Old Tawny Port, falling into the category of port wines aged for more than 80 years. A masterpiece of cask ageing, this Port is the latest release of a limited series of very fine and very rare Ports drawn from Taylor’s treasury of very very old cask-aged reserves. The unique blend is made from a selection of rare lots matured in wood, some of which have been concentrating since the Second World War.

The release it truly a tribute to elegance, legacy and expertise, with only 3000 bottles produced and being one of the oldest wines released to date. Ancestral knowledge is at the heart of this creation, utilising the passed down expertise of previous generations, as well as the care and meticulous attention of coopers, cellar masters and blenders who have all played an important role in giving the VVOP its exceptional balance and finesse.

Presented in a premium, bespoke decanter and an elegant wooden box, the masterpiece undoubtably confirms Taylor’s place as a leader in the production of the finest cask aged ports of the Great Age.