We were guests of Fermin Hidalgo; full of energy and enthusiasm. Don José Pantaléon founded Bodegas Hidalgo in 1792 and since then it has been passed down eight generations of the family – one of the few sherry bodegas that remain in the hands of the founders’ family.

The key to the success of Hidalgo is the delicious La Gitana Manzanilla, that has an appealing citrus zest, yeasty and Mediterranean Sea salt finish. This is a seductive wine with a scandalous past. La Gitana is name after a gypsy barmaid who is said to have captivated the heart of Eduardo Hidalgo. His wife had great tolerance and perhaps wisdom in positioning a picture of her late husband’s mistress on the label.

One of the advantages of all Hidalgo sherries is that the palomino grapes are coming from estate- owned vineyards with proximity to the sea, both north and south-facing vines which produce near identical Baume every year. These 100% vegan wines are also fortunate not to be impacted by global climate change.

Fermin’s hospitality and instructive tour left a team gaining a greater insight to sherry and understanding it can be enjoyed throughout each meal. If only EasyJet could create the same lasting and happy memory!