We’re delighted to share the Hambledon Vineyard’s new brand campaign and signature (“Shaped by Nature, Crafted by Hand”) centred in and around their extraordinary terroir, human skill and modernity.

For this campaign, Hambledon’s owners Ian & Anna Kellett wanted to bring novelty, modernity and creativity to the industry’s codes. They commissioned the talented digital artist Sebastien Baert to create and design a disruptive, arty, minimalist and surreal 3D image expressing the vineyard’s unique story and positioning.

The image, a 100% computer-made art piece, reveals a dreamy landscape, beautifully shaped by Nature under the unique influence of the ocean and the cliffs of chalk in the background. Purposely surreal, it reminds us of the Hampshire soil and of how essential chalk is to making sparkling wine of exceptional quality.

As we dive into every detail of the art piece, we discover that the naturally-shaped landscape was artfully refined by a sculpture and by stairs, crafted by skilled human hands.

Finally, a bottle of Hambledon Vineyard’s Premiere Cuvée perfects the view, showing exceptional balance and mastery in growing vines and making wine, and illustrating the brand’s signature: “Shaped by Nature, Crafted by Hand.”

Owner and Managing Director Ian Kellett states, “Our terroir is truly exceptional, a gift from Nature: The finest chalk soil, born sixty-five million years ago; Slopes slowly shaped under the influence of the ocean; A cool yet sunny climate, protected by the Isle of Wight. And in return, we hold ourselves to the highest standards, making the wines of Hambledon Vineyard a unique combination of the most extraordinary terroir and craft.”