Taylor’s Port is proud to announce the release of its new Taylor’s Sentinels Vintage Port, a unique blend crafted from wines produced on Taylor’s historic properties in and around the Pinhão Valley. This central region of the Douro Valley is one of the most historically significant areas for Port wine, recognized as the source of the finest Ports since the inception of the Port trade.

The four estates—Terra Feita, Junco, Casa Nova, and Eira Velha—are all located within the original 1756 demarcation and were awarded Feitoria status, the highest classification for Port vineyards. The name Sentinels is inspired by the granite pillars, known as “marcos de feitoria”, which stand guard along the demarcation line that separates the highest quality Port areas, and this is where many of the Taylor’s estates are situated. A total of 335 stone posts were placed between 1758 and 1761 to mark this prestigious area.

Each of these historic properties offers distinct characteristics in terms of altitude, orientation, sun, wind exposure, and mix of grape varietals. Despite their individuality, they share a distinctive ‘Pinhão Valley’ style – rich, deep, and powerfully fruity – that ensures a harmonious blend while each contributes uniquely to the wine’s overall complexity and aroma.

Adrian Bridge, Managing Director of Taylor’s, added, “We are thrilled to introduce Taylor’s Sentinels Vintage Port to our collection. This release underscores our commitment to producing exceptional Ports that honour the legacy of our historic estates. The Taylor’s Sentinel’s blend is a celebration of our past and a testament to our dedication to quality.”

The blend for Sentinels Vintage Port is based on ‘parcel selection’, a meticulous process of choosing wines from specific plots on each estate. Like Taylor’s Single Quinta Vintage Ports, the Sentinels Vintage Ports will be crafted in years that do not produce a classic Taylor’s Vintage. These vintages yield wines with the potential to age and improve in bottle yet are approachable and enjoyable when young.

Unlike Single Quinta Vintage Ports, which reflect the character of a single vineyard estate, Sentinels Vintage Port represents a harmonious fusion of wines from Taylor’s four heritage properties, located in the heart of the world’s oldest demarcated wine region.

David Guimaraens, Taylor’s Head Winemaker, commented, “The creation of Taylor’s Sentinels Vintage Port is a tribute to the unique terroir of the Pinhão Valley. Each estate contributes its own character to the blend, resulting in a wine that is both complex and harmonious. It’s a true reflection of the rich heritage and meticulous craftsmanship at Taylor’s.”

Taylor’s continues to honour its rich heritage and commitment to quality with this new release, offering wine enthusiasts a unique blend that encapsulates the essence of the Pinhão Valley.




The dormancy period between November and February was extremely dry, with only 78mm of rainfall recorded. The average for this period is much more in the order of 370 mm. Fortunately, March was wet with 75mm of rain which was very important for the growing season to start with some water.

Bud burst occurred on the 20th March which is later than normal and Spring was dry. When flowering started on the 19th May, we continued to register very low levels of water – 195mm to be exact from the previous November to the 31st May.

Because of the dry conditions, we had very little pressure from disease, which meant that the key focus in the vineyards was dedicated to working the canopies. At the beginning of June we entered a phase of the first of many heatwaves with temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius recorded – this is very unusual for June.

On the 14th July in Pinhão we recorded a temperature of 46.5c, the highest temperature recorded in the country in 2022. As a result of the extreme temperatures, veraison only occurred in the last week of July.

Harvest started on the 5th September at Quinta do Junco, 7th September at Quinta da Casa Nova, 8th September at Quinta da Eira Velha and 9th September at Quinta da Terra Feita, with the vines producing very small berries, which gave them a good juice to skin ratio. On the 6th September we had a very welcome 4mm of rainfall which kept the temperatures down and gave some very welcome relief to the vines and did a great job in giving the grapes that all important final push.

2022 will be remembered for the year that we were able to foot tread again, after two years interruption due to COVID. Seeing the lagares full of people again and knowing that this is the way great vintage ports are made, was a sight to behold.

Deep purple black core with a narrow purple rim. An explosion of powerful woodland fruit, overlaid with a rich layer of blackcurrant, dark plum and cherries that jump out of the glass. The woodland fruit aromas are infused with subtle notes of dark cherry, hints of rockrose, a touch of mint and beautiful perfumed rose petals.

The fruit is elegant and understated concealing the wines vigour and energy. On the palate the wine displays incredible freshness, purity of fruit and an attractive leanness, with a hint of lavender and herbal aromas. Laser focused berry fruits of damsons, plums and black cherries continue to build into the very long finish.

A traditional component of Taylor’s classic Vintage Ports, the wines of Quinta de Terra Feita are full-bodied, powerful and full of rich berry fruit flavour. They provide depth and volume to the blend. Located on the warm lower slopes of the Pinhão Valley, Terra Feita is one of the oldest port estates.

Already identified as a source of the finest ports in the 1757 classification of Douro vineyards, Terra Feita has supplied Taylor’s with outstanding wines since the 1890’s. Acquired by Taylor’s in 1974, the property has been the site of pioneering work in batch planting and vineyard landscaping.

Quinta do Junco is another famous old Pinhão Valley estate which by 1761 had achieved ‘feitoria’ status, then the highest classification for a port vineyard. It was added to the Taylor’s stable in 1997 and contributes to the Taylor’s Vintage Port blend in a small but increasingly important way. Its wines are massive in scale, lending an additional layer of density and structure to the blend. Occupying a steep but open south facing hillside to the west of the Pinhão river, the vineyards of Quinta do Junco are well exposed to both sun and wind, benefiting from long hours of sunlight but avoiding the intense heat of less well aerated locations. A large area of the property was replanted by Taylor’s in vertical rows, a system which has benefits for both wine quality and the environment. However the estate also includes 15 hectares of very old vines planted on traditional walled terraces.

Quinta da Casa Nova, located in Gouvães do Douro, is a historic estate that forms part of the first demarcation of the Douro region from 1756. The 17-hectare property was acquired by the company in 1998 (along with the purchase of Quinta do Junco) and boasts a rich vineyard planted in 1997, predominantly with Touriga Nacional, Tinta Roriz, and Tinta Barroca, later complemented with Touriga Francesa. Among the white varieties, Viosinho, Malvasia Fina, Gouveio, and Arinto shine. It is an excellent property situated on a mid-slope, providing protection during the hotter years, with the added advantage of its north-facing exposure.

Quinta da Eira Velha is one of the oldest and finest estates in the Douro Valley. It is believed that vines have been cultivated at Eira Velha for over 600 years. The vineyard and buildings occupy a spectacular location on a southeast-facing slope between 160 and 390 meters above the confluence of the Douro River with its tributary, the Pinhão River. The 50-hectare property was acquired by the company in 2007.