On Tuesday last week, I set off to the Isle of Wight to represent AIX at the Cape31 Cowes Week Summer Party. It was a beautiful afternoon and Cowes was bustling. The Cape31 Party was a fantastic event where 25 sailing teams came together, after a long day on the water, to enjoy a BBQ served up with some chilled Rosé wine. Each of the teams were welcomed to the party with a Magnum of AIX on arrival, and then a further four teams were awarded another Magnum for their efforts on the water that day.


Later in the evening a nebuchadnezzar of AIX was opened and many of the participants took full advantage of the 15litres doing the rounds. As bad weather had called off any sailing the following day, hangovers were not to be feared and the party was in full swing! Plenty of Rosé flowing made for a fab evening event.